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Our vision is to continuously adapt to innovative market trends contributing to the structural optimization of organizations, with unrivaled expertise and drive. Because we take responsibility for the planning, the necessary resources and realization, the customer can relieve their focus entirely to the efficiency and success of the core business. Delivering our (practical) knowledge and drive for quality will exceed traditional competitors and we will continuously strive to integrate deployments of new technologies and developments on behalf of the manufacturer in our portfolio.


We see IT from a different angle, resulting in a customer-focused approach, from a carefully assembled portfolio, with a clear statement to prospects and customers who need to be very competitive in the market. Quality, flexibility and success requires an organization composed out of a strong personal network with the best entrepreneurs in the sector selected by our employees themselves. Collaborating is our responsibility and create a buddy relationship with the observance of core values, skills and result driven to outperform the new business initiatives.


Each individual employee is given a high degree of autonomy and freedom in making choices and taking initiatives.We believe that all investments (resources, time, tools) can be used to adapt our method easily at all times to achieve goals, optimize procedures and generate initiatives to unlock a positive result for the account. Transparency is a core value of our organization where our specialist is obligated to lead in the service of the customer individual employee and the team involved.

Welcome to LinfoSystems BV

LinfoSystems BV is specialized in collaborative teams of driven individuals all passionate about the Solution area they outperform in with one mutual mission; Create high value but competitive, geographically independent solutions, delivered by high quality transition projects, able to guarantee the lifecycle of the business needs and become the largest but most flexible facilitator in the market.